Hit me Baby

Hit me Baby is development name of a new Wosabi game. The idea of the game is that you have to fight evil people. The game-engine will be based on the game engine of Gull Kebap VR. There will be no mentioning of "VR" in the game title because this acts as a reason for people not to be interested. The latter is due to 0.8 percent of steam users owning a VR-headset in late 2018.

The HMB engine will most likely feature:

  • Networked multiplayer support
  • Semi-Continuous collision detection (based on the Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi algorithm)
  • Visibility lists (pre-computed visibility info)
  • Hand interaction with environment
  • Usage of the Vulkan graphics API instead of OpenGL 4
  • 5-dimensional (x,y,z,yaw,pitch)->(R G B) maps that represent light reflections
  • Light-mapping of generic triangular meshes

Currently, you can play soccer in HMB. The ball is subjective to fully-continuous collisions. However, it is just a ball.

Implementing the above seems to be a big challenge. There is no completion deadline.